How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

How Long Does a Root Canal Take?
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Do you have chronic tooth pain and infection or a tooth abscess? If so, your dentist may have talked to you about getting a root canal. Here’s what you would wish to know about the procedure.  

What Is a Root Canal Procedure?

A root canal procedure removes bacteria from an infected tooth, prevents reinfection, and saves the natural tooth. 

First, your dentist drills into your tooth to reach the inner soft part, called the pulp. Your dentist cleans and flushes out the pulp, removing the infected tissue. Next, they fill the inside of the tooth with dental filling. 

Many teeth also require an artificial crown with a stabilizing post to make your tooth as strong as it was before. Sometimes, you will need to take antibiotics after the procedure to ensure the infection doesn’t come back. 

How Long Does It Typically Take?

Root canals can take a different amount of time for each person. Many root canals are treated in one visit, but some may require a second. This is generally due to a few reasons:

  • The infection is severe and difficult to treat
  • You have an abscess, which is a pocket of pus located beneath your teeth canal
  • You have multiple teeth that need a root canal

Your dentist at the Dental Center of Redondo Beach will be able to tell you how many visits will be required when you’re first diagnosed. This diagnosis doesn’t take long and is done at your first office visit. Your dentist confirms your diagnosis by x-rays of your teeth, an examination, and the symptoms that you have. 

Once your diagnosis is complete, the procedure will take a half hour to an hour. Less severe cases are quick and done at your first appointment within a half hour. Moderate cases can take up to an hour but will still only require one appointment. When you present with a more difficult case, you may spend up to an hour at two different appointments getting your root canal done. 

Who Should Get a Root Canal?

While you can’t diagnose if you need a root canal at home, there are some symptoms that can suggest you need to visit your dentist at Redondo Beach Dental Center:

  • Sensitivity when eating or drinking, especially hot or cold foods and drinks
  • Chronic gum inflammation or sensitivity 
  • Swelling and pain in your mouth and jaw
  • Pus or drainage from your gums
  • A cracked tooth

Get Your Root Canal at the Dental Center of Redondo Beach

Infected teeth can be dangerous when untreated. Our team will make sure you have a successful, comfortable root canal experience. We’ll get you in an out in a few hours or less so that you can get back to your busy life. Visit our dental center today and schedule your root canal for a healthy, happy smile. 

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