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Root Canal Lawndale, CA and Root Canal Specialist in Redondo BeachIf you feel inflammation and pain in the soft tissues of any of your tooth, this may be an alarm that infection has invaded in your injured or cracked tooth area. To save you from a number of gum diseases, they may have suggested you pull the defected piece out of your mouth. However, in the long run, it’s even worse than it sounds. It is always better to preserve and save your teeth instead of getting them out of their place and creating an unwanted gap. In addition, Endodontic or root canal treatment eliminates the infection and restores your tooth to last a lifetime.

Symptoms that you need to visit a Root Canal Dental Clinic

While the need for root canal treatment may be silent and require an x-ray to reach the root canal problem, following are some of the symptoms to pay attention to.

  • Lingering sensitivity to heat or cold or sweets.
  • Persistent tooth or gum pain or inflammation.
  • Swelling under the jaw or Tender lymph nodes.
  • Tooth abscess or pus drainage

If you’re at Lawndale and searching for trusted Root Canal Treatment at Redondo Beach, then you have landed at the right place. At Dental Center of Redondo Beach, our qualified dental care expert and Root Canal Specialist, Dr. Alen Gharibian gives every patient the extra care and attention they deserve.

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What to expect from the Root Canal Treatment?

The time and procedure depend on the extent of the damages in the defected area. If your tooth is infected, the root canal dentist will first take measures to cure the infection before starting the procedure. Ideally, at least two visits are required to complete the whole process. The diseased pulp along with the tooth’s nerve will be removed from the tooth’s root canal. The canal will be flossed, medicated and sealed. And the restored tooth will be crowned to provide protection and support.

The role of Endodontist

An endodontist is a specialized root canal dentist who is an expert in treating the inner parts and soft tissues of your tooth. An endodontist plays an essential role in eliminating the infections and defects, improving oral health and finally restoring your natural teeth.

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Dr. Gharibian has significant experience performing advanced root canal procedures for severely decayed or damaged teeth, using state-of-the-art pain management techniques so patients throughout the South Bay can relieve painful symptoms and eliminate deep decay while preserving their natural teeth. Patients in Redondo Beach, CA and Lawndale, CA can now visit Dr. Gharibian for their root canal needs.

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