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Do you have cracked, damaged, or missing teeth? Have you lost confidence in your smile? Dental implants can repair teeth, fix gaps, and give you a full smile. At the Dental Center of Redondo Beach, we have the expertise necessary to perform your dental implant procedure. By the end of your appointments, you will have the celebrity smile you’ve dreamed of.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a type of cosmetic dentistry that replaces the root of a tooth. The implants are a metal, typically titanium, anchor that is used in place of the damaged or missing tooth root. This post, or anchor, is then connected to a dental crown, which looks like a normal, undamaged tooth. There are multiple different types of implants that address certain issues.

The implant replicates a strong, healthy tooth and is able to function as your other teeth do. The implants are strong and very durable. Implants can be both permanent and removable. They are used to replace damaged, cracked, and decaying teeth as well as serve as a replacement for missing teeth.

Types of Dental Implants

The term “dental implant” just refers to a dental procedure that implants a metal root replacement and a dental crown to replace missing or damaged teeth. However, there are different types of dental implants that are used to solve specific problems.

Each of these implants falls into two categories: endosteal implants and subperiosteal implants. Endosteal implants are screw- or cylinder-shaped implants that attach to your jaw. Subperiosteal implants are implants that don’t attach to your jaw.

Mini Dental Implants

These implants are very small–around the size of a toothpick. They are less invasive than other types of implants due to their size. Mini dental implants can be used to help stabilize already existing implants. Your dentist may also recommend these if you have a weak jawbone or if there isn’t much jawbone available due to bone loss.

Dental Bridges

If you have missing teeth, your dentist may choose to use dental bridges. Bridges are a combination of crowns and false teeth that are connected via a metal dental implant. The crowns are placed over existing teeth to stabilize any false teeth. This type of implant is fixed in your mouth and cannot be removed. 

Dental bridges are great for those who have experienced gum disease or other chronic health conditions.

Immediate Load Dental Implants

These dental implants are done in one appointment. Immediate load implants are only used for patients who don’t have major damage and have strong, healthy teeth and bones other than the damaged teeth that are being replaced. The procedure isn’t as difficult as others and has immediate results.

Single Tooth vs. Multiple Tooth vs. Full Mouth

Your dental implants will either replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or your full mouth. Single-tooth implants are done to only replace one tooth. It requires less hardware than other implants and will take a shorter amount of time.

Multiple tooth implants function like natural teeth. They make sense if you have several missing teeth but existing healthy, strong teeth. Multiple-tooth dental implants are not as time-consuming as partial dentures. However, this procedure is longer and more involved than a single tooth implant.

Full mouth implants are done to replace every tooth in your mouth. If you have decaying, diseased, or damaged teeth in your whole mouth, you will need this procedure. The procedure is lengthy and more invasive than other types of implants but will give you a strong, healthy, beautiful smile.

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How the Dental Implants Procedure Works

The first step in getting dental implants at Redondo Beach is to set up an appointment with your dentist. For most types of dental implants, this appointment is just for examining your mouth and discussing which dental implant option is right for you. You and your dentist will also discuss types of anesthesia or sedation in order to make you most comfortable at your appointment. If you are getting immediate load implants, the next steps will also be completed at this appointment.

At your next Redondo Beach dental implant appointment, the dental implant procedure will begin. This procedure takes multiple appointments over the course of several months. The beginning of the process involves shaving down or removing damaged teeth so that the dental crown can be placed on it.

Next, your jawbone is prepared. If you need bone grafting in order to have a stronger jawbone, this is done now. Not every patient requires much jawbone preparation and most patients will not need bone grafting at all. At this step, the dental implant is typically attached to your jawbone. The dental crown will not be attached, so you will have a missing space where your tooth will eventually be placed. A temporary, removable denture is often provided.

Between this appointment and the next quite a bit of time will need to pass. This gives your jawbone time to grow and create a solid, connected foundation to the implant. Next, your dentist will attach the abutment, or connector piece, and artificial tooth. After this appointment, you’ll have your full, perfect smile!

When Is It Time to Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a great option to replace missing or severely damaged teeth. This damage or loss typically occurs because of gum disease, cancer, poor oral hygiene, chronic health conditions, and eating or drinking food and beverages that are bad for your teeth.

While dental implants may be done purely as a cosmetic fix, most of the time dental implants are necessary to prevent further decay, teeth from shifting, jaw pain, and other health issues. If you have missing or damaged teeth, contact your dentist to see if you are a candidate for dental implants.

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