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Getting your teeth cleaned is an important part of taking care of your health. Clean, healthy teeth are not only good for your oral health but are also critical to the health of your overall body. Our Redondo Beach, CA dentist and dental hygienists provide top-notch, thorough teeth cleaning services. Reach out to the Dental Center of Redondo Beach and schedule your routine teeth cleaning appointment!

Premium Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

At the Dental Center of Redondo Beach, we use the latest in teeth cleaning techniques. Since teeth cleaning is such an important part of your health, we work hard to guarantee that by the time you leave your appointment, your teeth are shiny, clean, and free of any disease and buildup. 

To ensure that your teeth are perfectly clean, we use premium ultrasonic teeth cleaning. Ultrasonic teeth cleaning is a method that removes dental plaque, dental calculus, and provides a thorough cleaning of your entire mouth. An ultrasonic scaler or similar tool is used to eliminate this buildup with the help of a strong stream of water. This buildup can potentially cause gum disease, cavities, and other issues that can impact your oral health.

Our dentist, Dr. Alen Gharibian is trained to provide these high-tech, modern teeth cleaning options. You will be in good hands when you visit our dental center whenever you search for “teeth cleaning near me”!

Is Professional Teeth Cleaning Important?

Professional teeth cleaning is a very important part of staying healthy. Even if you regularly brush and floss your teeth at home, you still need to see a professional at least once a year to help eliminate tougher buildup, check for gum disease or oral cancer, and ensure that your mouth is healthy.

Often, we can’t notice buildup or minor teeth issues at home. Only your dentist or dental hygienists can see some forms of buildup, plaque, tartar, or potential problems with your teeth. Addressing these issues requires special tools and cleaning that you cannot do at home.

Oral cancer, gum disease, and other serious issues also can only be diagnosed with the help of a dentist. Dr. Alen Gharibian and his team will screen your mouth during your teeth cleaning to guarantee that you are free from any major problems and help you prevent any disease in the future. Book your routine professional teeth cleaning to not only get a beautiful “celebrity” smile but to ensure that your mouth is healthy and disease-free!

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What Should You Expect During Your Teeth Cleaning?

For some, professional teeth cleaning can seem intimidating. However, at our dental center in Redondo Beach, CA, we make the effort to guarantee that you feel well-informed and comfortable during your appointment. We value each patient who comes to our dental center!

X-rays may also be performed at this time if you have not had them done in a while or if your dentist wants to check for any specific problems. X-rays help identify cavities, oral cancer or disease, and damage to your teeth. If Dr. Alen Gharibian notices any issues, he will walk you through what the results of the x-ray means and what your next step is.

During your teeth cleaning appointment, your dental hygienist will first explain to you what you can expect during your visit. At the beginning of your teeth cleaning visit, you will receive a thorough examination of your teeth. This examination will help Dr Alen Gharibian and his team find any potential issues.

Next, your teeth will be cleaned. Our dental hygienists will use a combination of tools and fluoride treatment so that your teeth will be spotless. Your hygienist and dentist will also demonstrate the correct way to brush and floss your teeth so that you are prepared to keep your teeth properly cleaned at home. You will leave our office feeling fresh, clean, and healthy!

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What Does It Mean If Your Gums Bleed?

During your teeth cleaning and your oral examination, your gums may bleed or you may notice some discomfort. This is typically a sign of early gingivitis. Gingivitis causes inflammation and sensitivity in your gums. Dr. Alen Gharibian and his team will help you treat your gingivitis and learn how to prevent it in the future.

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When Should You Schedule a Teeth Cleaning Appointment?

Everyone should schedule teeth cleaning appointments once a year at the minimum. However, if you notice any discomfort or unusual symptoms, you should schedule additional teeth cleaning. There are a few things that may be causing discomfort that can be treated or diagnosed during your teeth cleaning and examination.

First, if you notice any problems with your gums, you may have gingivitis. Some of the most common warning signs are:

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Another issue to watch out for is tooth decay. Tooth decay can occur if you have not been brushing and flossing at home or have not had professional teeth cleaning in quite some time. Tooth decay can also occur because of a hereditary disease, oral cancer, cracks that are not filled, some diseases or disorders such as GERD, and more. The main signs and symptoms of decay include:

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Book Your Redondo Beach, CA Teeth Cleaning Today

If you have not had a tooth cleaning in quite some time, are due for your annual checkup, or have noticed any signs or symptoms of potential issues, it’s time for you to schedule your teeth cleaning appointment. Use our appointment sign-up link or give us a call to visit Dr. Alen Gharibian today!


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