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If you are looking for a doctor who is skilled in a variety of services such as dental implants Redondo Beach, oral cancer screening and Cosmetic Dentist Redondo Beach, CA. Hence, why you should not hesitate to visit Dental Center of Redondo Beach.

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We make sure that all removals of aesethics on your teeth is done 100% and with the right tools. Whatever your choice of treatment is, dental veneers, teeth Whitening and dental implants you can be assured that we are the right fit for you

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You should Never take any risks whe it comes to your Dental Health, as a result, come to Dental Center Of Redondo Beach, The Lawndale dental clinic for an oral cancer screening today.



Dr. Alen Gharibian, Redondo Beach Dentist in Lawndale, CA.

Dentist Redondo Beach CA, Dr. Alen Gharibian at the Lawndale Dental Clinic

Dental Center of Redondo Beach is blessed with professional dental services by dentist and founder, Dr. Alen Gharibian and his team of experts in the field of family and general dentistry. In addition, to cosmetic and restorative dentistry. We are incredibly proud to provide you and your family with dedicated quality dental services in Lawndale and Redondo Beach, CA.

Redondo Beach Dental Center uses advanced tools and techniques. In addition, we use cutting-edge dental diagnostic and treatment technology in modern dentistry to provide best services. As a result, Redondo Beach Dentist, Dr. Alen Gharibian is committed to making each smile brighter and healthier. Hence, why we are certain that you can put your trust in us!

Due to the immense dedication which Redondo Beach Dentist, Dr. Alen has shown to the dental center of Redondo Beach, CA. Hence, you can expect a lot of professional work to be done in many of the areas under consideration. For instance, such areas would include General dental services and Cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening and porcelain dental veneers. From dentist Redondo Beach, CA.

Redondo Beach dentist, Dr. Alen Gharibian is committed to helping everyone that he can to be lifted and cheerful as they go ahead in their work. He has learned that to do this, he must provide work that is satisfactory and excellent. In conclusion, you would not find any better dentist in Redondo Beach, CA


We have adopted the absolute latest in dental technology. Hence, this allows us to provide a much safer, and more effective treatment to our patients young and old. The Difference that Dental Center Of Redondo Beach can provide to you and your family’s dental health is huge. Therefore, we strongly care about your teeth and dental hygiene. As a result, it is all about you, your dental health, and your comfort.

The days of having dental issues are long gone. Consequently, why you should get all your treatments resolved as quickly as possible with, Redondo Beach Dentist, Dr. Alen Gharibian. Furthermore, You can be assured all the issues even those who have to do with advanced treatment will be resolved smoothly and with the right methods and techniques.

Above all, you should get your skilled Redondo Beach Dentist in Lawndale and have your teeth sparkling and healthy as never before. Your dentist in Redondo Beach, CA, one of South Bay’s finest Dentist’s. As a result, you can be assured of quality service every single time you visit our Cosmetic dentist Redondo beach.


The team at Dental Center of Redondo Beach are always ready to listen and attend to you regardless of how right their schedules are. Hence, you can be assured that we always have your best interests at heart in everything that we do.

Therefore, do pay us a visit and get ready to experience a transformation in dental care right here in Redondo Beach, CA.


If you are looking for a dentist in Lawndale, Dr. Alen Gharibian is the best Dentist for you. Contact us on (310) 921-3938 for a friendly conversation to discuss your dental needs.

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Other services which we are sure you would enjoy while using Dr. Gharibian’s services is dental implants, root canal, crowns, bridges, oral cancer screening & gum disease treatment.

There is no one who has the ability to provide great dental treatment. For instance, services such as dental implants Redondo Beach, Dental Implants Lawndale and general dental care treatments, then our dentists at Dental Center of Redondo Beach.

  • Lawndale dental clinic which specializes in different types of dental treatment

  • Our Lawndale family dentistry which focuses on giving your family the best when it comes to dental treatment

  • Teeth whitening Lawndale is one of our most popular procedures in Lawndale dental clinic at Dental Center of Redondo Beach

  • Similarly, teeth whitening is also one of our most popular treatments here in Redondo Beach through our Lawndale dental clinic

Some of the services which dentist Lawndale, CA and dentist Redondo Beach, CA offer to our wonderful clients include

Feel free to check out our dentists in Redondo Beach and Lawndale dental clinic. As a result, our founding principles are based on honesty and high-quality treatment. We also assure of the best form of treatment for all clients equally regardless of your issues. Therefore, your issue is always our first priority


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You are all warmly welcome to the Lawndale family dentistry. Get ready for the best treatment by Redondo Beach Dentist, Dr. Alen Gharibian who is the founder of Redondo Beach dental center and Lawndale dental clinic. Furthermore, here is a brief video explaining the details better.

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We are very focused on making funding treatments for our patients, easy and flexible. Therefore, we accept PPO and HMO plans. Contact us for more detail

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