About Dr. Alen Gharibian from Dental Center of Redondo Beach, the Lawndale Family Dentistry

Dr. Alen Gharibian, DDS, from Dental Center of Redondo Beach at Lawndale family dentistry. He is a qualified general and cosmetic dentist in the South Bay area. The Redondo Beach dental expert provides best dental care for his patients in Redondo Beach and Lawndale, CA.

Furthermore, with more than two decades of professional experience, Dr. Gharibian is a trusted Redondo Beach dental care provider and Cosmetic Dentist. In other words, he helps every patient in improving oral health and to gain that confidence smile back in their lives.

Redondo Beach Dental

He earned his Doctoral Degree in Dental Surgery from the University of Southern California. Dr. Gharibian served as a faculty member of the USC Dental School for two years. Since then, his dental practice has been based in Redondo Beach, CA.

As a result, He has been part of the Dental Care community of Redondo Beach and Lawndale for a long time. This is where he calls his dental practice, home.

Dr. Alen Gharibian DDS Redondo Beach Dental at Lawndale Family Dentistry

Education and Continuing Education

Bachelor of science, Biology, and chemistry – Californian State University of Northridge
Doctorate of dental surgery – University of Southern California
Continue education residency – USC / UCLA


  1. Professional affiliations
  2. American dental association
  3. California dental association
  4. Western dental association
  5. Los Angeles dental association
  6. San Fernando dental association
  7. South Bay dental association
  8. Academy of, laser dentistry
  9. American Academy of cosmetics dentistry
  10. International Congress of oral implantology

Extensive Dental Courses

To offer the patients with a complete dental solution, Dr. Gharibian has completed extensive coursework in several areas. These dentistry areas include:

  • Surgical Placement and Restoration of Dental Implants
  • Treatment of TMJ, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry

Furthermore, Redondo Beach Dental on Hawthorne Boulevard makes use of the latest technology to ensure patients have access to the safest treatments. Hence, they can achieve optimal oral health and wellness at every age.

We value complete transparency!

Dr. Gharibian provides complete information about the treatment to his patients. As a result, his patients are always confident in making an informed decision. Redondo Beach Dental also accepts most major dental insurance plans.

The team & Dr. Alen Gharibian at Dental Center of Redondo Beach welcomes new patients from, Redondo Beach, Lawndale, Gardena, Hermosa Beach, Hawthorne, and the entire South Bay area of Los Angeles. Consequently, experiencing the true transformation and lifestyle change that our current happy patients have experienced.

Love our work & Love to bring a smile to all our patients

Love, Passion, Dedication, and Hard Work. Above all, to be the best Professional Redondo Beach Dental Clinic in, Lawndale, and South Bay area of Los Angeles. Our patients love our work, and we truly Love our patients. Above all, we love to see you smile.

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