Top Tips for a Beautiful, White Smile!

Top Tips for a Beautiful, White Smile!
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For many people, it can be hard to achieve that perfect white smile. You may brush your teeth every day and do your best to floss, but for many of us, it’s not enough to keep our teeth pearly white! Here are some simple tips to help bring some sparkle back into your smile. 

Cut Back on Coffee, Tea, and Wine

Did you know that coffee, tea, and wine are all drinks that can stain your teeth? If you’re an avid drinker of any of these beverages, that may be why you continue to struggle with teeth whitening. Cutting back on these beverages may help. Or you could switch to versions of the drink that are less likely to impact your teeth. Drink iced coffee through a straw, an herbal tea blend instead of black tea, or white wine instead of red. 

No More Tobacco

Tobacco can stain your teeth no matter how it’s ingested. Smoking tobacco out of vapes, cigarettes, and especially using chewing tobacco are all ways that can stain your teeth. They will get yellower over time even if you brush daily with whitening toothpaste. Eliminating tobacco completely will help you work toward a healthier, whiter smile. 

Brush with Toothpaste That Contains Baking Soda

Regular toothpaste is a great way to keep your teeth happy and healthy, but adding baking soda to your teeth brushing regimen could help you on your teeth whitening journey. The baking soda itself naturally helps to whiten, which is why it makes for a great addition! Don’t use plain baking soda to brush your teeth, though – that can be too abrasive on your enamel and it doesn’t have cavity protection like toothpaste does.

Eat Healthier

Eating junk food, especially foods with high sugar content, may cause plaque buildup and ultimately lead to stained teeth. Diets rich in sugar can cause a multitude of dental problems, including gingivitis, cavities, and more. Eating vegetables and fruits can help you prevent teeth staining or disease before it even happens. Plus, you’ll feel better and reduce your risk of health problems in the future! 

Brush More Often

Oftentimes people find themselves only brushing once a day. Even if you brush twice a day, you may find yourself still struggling to get a perfectly white smile. If you’re struggling with yellow teeth, try brushing three times each day. If you work from home, this is super easy to do during your lunch break! Otherwise, you can always keep a spare toothbrush at work. Flossing at least once a day as well will also help with plaque control.  

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