How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?
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Are you hesitant to book an appointment to get your teeth whitened because you’re worried about the cost? Chances are, there’s a professional teeth whitening procedure that will fit within your budget. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of teeth whitening and how much it costs. 

What is teeth whitening?

“Teeth whitening” is a broad term that refers to many different procedures. At-home whitening solutions may include teeth whitening strips or gels, special whitening toothpastes, and LED light kits that bleach your teeth white. These are commonly found at drugstores and can range quite a bit in price from one product to the next. Keep in mind, these solutions aren’t as safe or effective as options at your dentist’s office.

In-office teeth whitening procedures are performed by a dentist using professional-grade equipment. They include teeth polishing, microabrasion, teeth bleaching, and in-office whitening gels. These professional treatments are much safer and more effective. Your dentist will help you decide which kind of teeth whitening is right for you.

How much does it cost?

At the Redondo Beach Dental Center, the answer to the question “how much does teeth whitening cost” is more than just one number. The cost of your teeth whitening will depend on many factors. For example, each procedure costs a different amount:

  • Teeth polishing typically costs between $75-200, depending on buildup and how badly stained your teeth are.
  • Microabrasion costs anywhere from $50 for a low-grade whitening to $200 if your teeth have a lot of buildup or staining.
  • Teeth bleaching can be a little more expensive since it is a long-term solution. You can expect to pay around $300-500.
  • In-office whitening gels have a cost similar to teeth bleaching, ranging from about $250-500.

The amount of buildup that you have, other dental issues such as cavities, and more can affect the price of your teeth whitening. It’s best to contact us to receive a quote or book an appointment. 

Can I save money by whitening my teeth at home? 

At-home options may seem like a good choice because the cost can seem lower than your typical in-office whitening. While this lower initial price tag may seem intriguing, at-home options aren’t perfect. Chances are, you’ll need to repeat them frequently to get the results you want. This could lead to tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. Overusing at-home solutions can permanently damage your teeth. 

The overall cost of an at-home teeth whitening solution ends up being higher than an in-office whitening procedure because of the requirement of repeated treatments and repairs to your teeth. It’s best to stick to whitening treatments through the Redondo Beach Dental Center to ensure that your teeth are properly taken care of. 

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There are many benefits of teeth whitening: a celebrity smile, a confidence boost, better oral health, and so much more. Book your appointment today! 

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