How Stress Affects Your Teeth

How Stress Affects Your Teeth
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Did you know that being stressed can cause physical symptoms? When you’re stressed, your whole body can be affected – including your dental health. To keep your mouth happy and healthy, keep reading to learn more about how stress affects your teeth. 

The Main Symptom: Teeth Grinding

Stress often leads to teeth grinding. Teeth grinding is an umbrella term that refers to both clenching your teeth together and grinding your teeth. 

How Grinding Your Teeth Affects You

Cracked Teeth

One symptom from teeth grinding is cracked teeth. Cracks in your teeth occur because of repeated or severe stress on your teeth. Not addressing cracked teeth can lead to pain, discomfort while eating, and sensitivity. 

Chronic Tooth Pain

Do you notice that you’re often experiencing tooth pain without any identifiable cause? Grinding your teeth can slowly wear down your tooth’s enamel, leading to sensitivity and discomfort.

Jaw Tension

If you find that you experience jaw pain throughout the day or when you wake up in the morning, the culprit is most likely teeth grinding. It happens from clenching your teeth, which puts tension and stress on your jaw muscles. 

Repeated Headaches

Chronic headaches or migraines can sometimes occur due to grinding your teeth. Since grinding your teeth puts pressure on your jaw muscles, other surrounding muscles experience tension too. This causes migraines and headaches throughout the day or at night. 

Tooth Loss

Tooth grinding causes lots of damage to your teeth. Cracked teeth, tooth sensitivity, and tooth stress all can occur. When these symptoms happen repetitively over a long period of time, or severely all at once, you may experience tooth loss. 

Ways to Prevent Teeth Grinding

Managing your stress is the most important way to avoid tooth grinding. This may include getting rid of stressors in your life, taking time to take care of yourself, and practicing relaxation techniques. To help prevent teeth grinding symptoms from starting or getting worse, you may consider:

  • Wearing a night guard. A night guard can prevent damage to your teeth while you sleep, although it may not prevent jaw pain from clenching. You can get a night guard made by your dentist. Just let them know that you are struggling with teeth grinding and they will custom-make one for you. This is a great long-term solution to grinding. 
  • Avoiding food or drinks that encourage tension. Chewing gum or having caffeinated beverages at night may contribute to teeth grinding, so it’s best to avoid these before bed. 
  • Visiting your dentist regularly. If you cannot stop grinding your teeth, visiting your dentist regularly can ensure that any damage is quickly treated before it turns into a bigger problem. 

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Your entire body can be affected by stress, but teeth grinding is one of the major issues. Visiting the Dental Center of Redondo Beach can help. Book an appointment with us today to keep your smile healthy!

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