Why Are Dental Implants Important?

Why Are Dental Implants Important?
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Do you have missing or damaged teeth? Are you getting some teeth pulled? If so, you might be interested in teeth replacement options such as dental implants. Dental implants allow you to get permanent artificial teeth to replace the ones that are missing or damaged. At Redondo Beach Dental, we’re here to help you learn everything you need to know about dental implants. 

What Are Dental Implants?

When you have a missing or damaged tooth, your dentist may suggest that you get dental implants. These implants are used in both cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry. They attach to your jaw bone in order to be a strong support to artificial teeth prosthetics.

How Can Dental Implants Help Me?

Improve Occlusal Function

Your occlusal function is your ability to chew. When you lose a tooth, you lose the ability to chew properly. Each of your teeth is important to occlusal function. Missing back teeth and molars can create difficulty eating crunchy or hard to chew foods. Losing front teeth can affect how you bite foods. 

Our dentist at Redondo Beach encourages those with missing teeth to get dental implants. Replacing these missing teeth will fix any diminished occlusal function. 

Stop Your Teeth from Shifting

Your teeth are prevented from shifting because of the support of your other teeth. When a gap happens, your teeth no longer have the support they need to stay in place. Tooth shifting occurs because of this and can cause pain, discomfort, and damage to other teeth. 

Prevent Chronic Health Problems 

Without a tooth to cover up your gums, bacteria are more likely to invade your gum tissue. This causes infections. Without replacing your tooth, these infections are often chronic. Gum and other oral infections can easily spread to the rest of your body if not treated. 

Jaw deterioration is another severe chronic health problem that can happen because of a missing tooth. Your jawbone is strengthened by the support of teeth and your occlusal function deteriorates without it. You may eventually experience jaw pain, migraines, difficulty speaking, and other serious symptoms. Our dentist at Redondo Beach will help evaluate your jaw health. 

Create a More Aesthetic Smile

Having a missing tooth can make you feel self-conscious about your smile and mouth. This can lead to stress, anxiety, and even depression. These conditions affect all parts of your life, including your social life, your happiness, and your overall health. Implants can transform your self-confidence if you have missing front teeth.

Improve Your Speech

Each tooth in your mouth contributes to your speech capability. Losing teeth can cause difficulty with certain sounds. Missing teeth can also create serious health issues, such as jawbone deterioration, which can also cause speech difficulties. If you are self-conscious about your missing tooth, you may develop speech problems due to anxiety, opening your mouth less, or mumbling. 

Visit Redondo Beach Dental for a Healthy Smile

Your oral health is an important part of your health. Missing teeth can cause a wide range of issues, but dental implants can help. Schedule a dentist appointment today to learn more! 

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