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Struggling with Stained Teeth?

Teeth Whitening Redondo Beach and in Lawndale, CA.Are you missing your bright, pearly white teeth? The best teeth whitening Redondo Beach & Lawndale Dentist, CA. We are here to help you get that Celebrity Smile!

The biggest cause of stained teeth is due to what is put in the mouth. Dark Foods, Drinks & various medications can also stain the teeth over time which is very common for most people.

Sometimes, even despite our best oral hygiene efforts, our teeth naturally become yellow and dull over time. The culprits behind your yellowing teeth could be the cause of the following factors:

  • Staining drinks (coffee, tea, wine)
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco
  • Underlying diseases
  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Environment

A professional dentist session is all it takes to restore that confident celebrity smile. If you want to opt for a teeth whitening treatment that gives real results, therefore, Dental Center Of Redondo Beach is the dental clinic for you.

Fortunately, teeth whitening treatments work effectively on the vast majority of people. Teeth whitening in Lawndale, CA, where Dental Center of Redondo Beach has its dental practice, would love nothing but to show you how white your teeth can really get.

Teeth Whitening is the Answer

A cosmetic dentistry procedure such as Teeth whitening improves the appearance of teeth by making them bright and white again.

Professional teeth whitening at our Redondo Beach clinic is done through safe and reliable procedures according to your specific needs. We don’t just temporarily whiten the teeth from the surface.

We use high quality, strong teeth whitening agents which penetrate to the deeper layers of dentin in your teeth for effective and long-lasting results. You will be amazed to see your naturally beautiful, bright, and pearly white smile.

Long Lasting Teeth Whitening Results

Depending on the type of teeth whitening treatment, your whitened teeth will remain brilliantly bright for several months or even for over a year.

It also depends on whether you take good care of your teeth, avoid staining substances, and maintain your oral hygiene. Professional dentist teeth whitening lasts longer than home-based or over the counter teeth whitening treatments. We provide affordable touch-up treatments to maintain your whitened teeth and confident smile.

The Best Teeth Whitening Treatment for YOU

Dental Center Of Redondo Beach offers a range of teeth whitening procedures, and we choose the one which is best suited to your needs. Our Lawndale teeth whitening procedures include:

Teeth Polishing

Teeth Bleaching


In-Office Whitening Gels

Get White Teeth for Life

When you choose us for your teeth whitening dental care, we don’t just provide you the best teeth whitening treatment. We examine your oral health extensively to find the cause behind your yellowed, dull teeth. When we identify the root of the problem and help you eradicate the cause. In this way, your new white teeth are protecting from becoming yellow in the future!

We also provide affordable follow-up teeth whitening treatments to maintain the glow of your new confident smile.

At Dental Center Of Redondo Beach, we don’t believe in short-term solutions and quick fixes. Choose us for teeth whitening in Lawndale and we guarantee to give you long-lasting, sustainable teeth whitening results.

The Cost of Teeth Whitening at our Dental Clinic Redondo Beach

Cost of teeth whitening will vary depending on the type of procedure. We will be able to provide you with a cost estimate prior to any treatment for complete cost transparency to our patients.

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Professional dental cleanings are essential to maintaining healthy gums and teeth, which in turn, can impact a patient’s overall health. With more than two decades of professional experience, Dr. Alen Gharibian, DDS provides state-of-the-art teeth whitening for patients in Redondo Beach, Lawndale, and throughout the entire South Bay area.

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