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Missing one or more teeth? Are most of your teeth decaying? Have you lost your smile due to teeth loss? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it’s high time to visit us at, Dental Center of Redondo Beach. Verified dental center for implant dentistry. Ignoring any of the symptoms can lead to diabetes, erectile dysfunction or even coronary artery disease.

Shocked to know how a minor dental problem affects the whole body? Well, the cure and solution are available!

Dr. Alen Gharibian is trusted for top-class dental implants surgeon, at Dental Center of Redondo Beach with over 20 years of experience in dentistry at Lawndale and Redondo Beach, CA. We’re all set to give you just the right dental care from dental implants, or dental veneers to any other cosmetic dentistry, such as bridges or crowns which you may require.

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Before tiring yourself in finding trusted yet affordable dental implant services, ensure that you know what to expect from the procedure.

Learn about the Dental Implant Treatment before making the decision

Losing a tooth or more is not the end of this world. It can be artificially fixed for a permanent period of time through bridges, veneers, and crowns. Dental Implants are posts made of titanium placed right inside the jawbone at the defected area.

When the gums and tissues start healing after the dental implant surgery, the tissues gather around the posts and fix the defected area permanently. Dental Implant Treatment is also used to provide essential support to bridges, crowns or dentures.

What happens during Dental Implants Cosmetic Surgery?

The dental implant specialist begins by making your gums and jawbone numb followed by incisions. The posts are then implanted in the jaw through these incisions. The generally accepted technique requires at least 3 visits to completely settle with the dental implant services.

Types of Dental Implants

The type of dental implant surgery suitable for you totally depends on the extent the damage on the affected area.

  • A complex implant placement surgery using a surgical stent can be performed to fit post on your teeth or build the entire jaw structure. This procedure normally involves the use of natural tissues or synthetic material.
  • However, for implant supported a denture, you may be recommended an all-on-4 dental implant treatment or a LOCATOR attachment to fix denture on the implanted

Cosmetic Dental Bridges and Crowns

When you have one or more missing teeth, dental bridges can mend the gap using a metallic device supported by one or more dental crowns. Generally, your dental care specialist will require at least two visits to complete the whole procedure of bridging, crowning, and buffing, hence, making it look all new and natural.

Should I get Bridge & Crown Dental Care?

If this is your first time or dentures scare you, bridges can quite similarly do the job. Also, there’s a chance of the denture to slip its way while bridges won’t do so. They can be very durable and last more than a decade if proper oral care is taken following the recommended hygiene routine.

Looking for Dental bridge & Crown Treatment? Perhaps, Dental implant treatment in our Dental Clinic at Redondo Beach & Lawndale, CA?

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As a leading general dentist and cosmetic dentist in the South Bay area, Dr. Alen Gharibian, DDS is skilled in dental implants and implant restoration, helping men and women who don’t want traditional dentures feel more confident and more comfortable after tooth loss. Dr. Gharibian provides durable, comfortable bridges and crowns for patients throughout Redondo Beach, CA, Lawndale, CA and the surrounding South Bay area restoring normal function and improving confidence following tooth loss.

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