Read how the team at Dental Center of Redondo Beach can keep you healthy, both physically and mentally!

We like experiencing many benefits from one decision. Two birds with one stone and all of that. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything worked that way? Believe it or not, you can accomplish quite a bit simply by scheduling an appointment with your dentist.

If you’re incredulous upon reading that statement, no one would blame you. But, you’ll see why it’s actually accurate shortly. When talking about cosmetic dentistry, people often put all of their focus on that first word. Because the word “cosmetic” is included in the phrase, many believe that this kind of dental work is merely aesthetic or is some kind of extravagance that you can choose to undergo if you really want great looking teeth. This belief, while understandable, is actually incorrect. While it’s true that cosmetic dentistry does provide the benefit of having great looking teeth, there is so much more to it.

Speaking to your dentist about cosmetic procedures can lead to addressing your emotional health, your oral health, and may even help you ward off other kinds of conditions associated with poor oral health. Every aspect of our bodies is tied together. So, while it may be tempting to just think of cosmetic dentistry as a way to get whiter teeth, there is really much more at stake. You may even discover you’ve been unknowingly suffering from a health condition that only a dentist could catch. Here are some of the potentially surprising ways that cosmetic dentistry treatments are important and can do so much more than help you look good.


Addressing self-esteem issues

When you think about your teeth, you often think about them in a purely functional way. They help you chew and they give your face its shape. Life is very hard without them. But, there are some serious psychological consequences to having teeth that aren’t in great shape. There is a link between damaged teeth and low self-esteem. 53% of people with poor oral care habits exhibit signs of low self-esteem which can seriously hinder both your professional and romantic aspirations. Low self-esteem has a way of creating a spiral effect. You think you’re worthless so you underperform which in turn reinforces those feelings of worthlessness. There is no reason to live with that feeling. Cosmetic dentistry can help reverse the damage and help you get your confidence back.

The state of your oral health

Cosmetic dentistry addresses multiple issues at once. For most people, if they don’t like the appearance of their teeth, there is generally an underlying health issue that is causing this less than ideal appearance. While a chipped tooth or yellowed teeth from coffee drinking are easy enough fixes without any real oral health components, your missing teeth could easily be the result of advanced gum disease. Or you’re losing bone density in your jaw for some reason.  As you may know, oral health has a direct correlation with your overall health. Gum disease and cardiovascular disease or diabetes often go hand in hand. Addressing gum disease may be able to help reduce the chances of developing these other conditions.

Additionally, cosmetic dentistry helps keep you healthy during the process of correcting defects. For example, covering a filling with a crown can help prevent decay. Reducing gaps between teeth lowers the chances of losing teeth later in life. Even covering up a painless crack with veneers can actually stop the introduction of harmful bacteria into your body. While your smile will certainly look nicer, your health will be fortified as well.

The different kinds of cosmetic procedures

When talking about cosmetic dentistry, you’re actually talking about a wide range of procedures. They are often used together in order to offer a complete solution. You can think of it as a makeover for your smile. Veneers may be used to cover up surface issues like superficial cracks or staining that doesn’t respond to traditional teeth whitening procedures. Teeth whitening is almost always part of the finishing touches, but teeth discolored by medication or certain health conditions cannot be bleached. Crowns can be used to give a more natural appearance. If teeth are missing, dental implants are a great option. They look and act just like natural teeth due to their porcelain construction and implantation directly into the jaw bone.


Pursuing cosmetic dentistry treatments can bring real positive change to your life. Beyond having a smile you can be happy about, your self-esteem improves and you can keep on top of your oral health. Taking care of your teeth and gums is integral to your overall health and it’s important to get any dental issues evaluated by a professional. If you’ve been hiding your smile because the state of your teeth has you feeling self-conscious, contact us today. Dr. Gharibian and the team at Dental Center of Redondo Beach are here to provide you with the dental care you need so you can look your best.