There is more to the condition of your dental health than self-consciousness and feeling embarrassed about smiling wide in pictures.

Many times we are surprised to find out just how much is riding on our personal appearances.  While we are all certainly self-conscious to varying degrees, it turns out that there could be some unexpected consequences regarding the state of how we look, particularly our smiles. Yes, your smile could be having some far-reaching effects on various aspects of your life including your career and romantic partnerships. Human beings react both consciously and subconsciously to sights and sounds. It’s part of our instincts to quickly discern the meaning of something and move on. This is why first impressions are so key. 

It turns out cosmetic dentistry can significantly impact the first impressions you give off in a positive manner. Perception and reality are often tied together. If people assume you are less successful because of your crooked or discolored teeth, the reality will often follow. If that sounds unbelievable to you, let’s look at some facts related to how people make quick judgment calls about you based on the condition of your teeth.

What’s in a smile?

There is quite the link between perceptions of success and how your teeth look. Let’s look at the correlation between crooked teeth and perceptions of success. Studies have shown that both your date and your potential employer are looking at your teeth and making quick judgment calls based on this first impression. Here are some facts.

Americans place a high value on someone’s teeth and consider it a standout feature that they will recall later on when reflecting on a first meeting. Two out of five Americans say that they would not pursue a second date with someone who they observed to have crooked teeth. Many perceive people with straight, attractive smiles to be smarter, more desirable and more successful. To take the successful part further, about half of people surveyed hold the belief that a person with straight teeth would be the preferred candidate for a job over someone with crooked teeth assuming both candidates had the same qualifications on paper. If that is the belief, it stands to reason an employer might feel the same way and act on that impulse.

If you feel like you’ve been struggling with both love and in your career, you may benefit from cosmetic dentistry. While your teeth are obviously not the sole reason for anything, you could be putting yourself at a disadvantage by not addressing the state of your dental health. Also keep in mind that if you are having feelings of low self-esteem related to your teeth, that can translate to performing poorly in other aspects of your life as well.

The whiteness of your teeth counts

We’ve looked at the psychological effects of having crooked or damaged teeth, but what about the color of your teeth? Would teeth whitening have an impact on your life in some unexpected ways as well? Yes, there are perception based issues around discolored teeth also. This comes out of Britain, but there’s no reason to believe similar findings wouldn’t be found here in the States.

White teeth have similar implications of perceived success. A vast majority of those surveyed wanted whiter teeth and the rest of their answers clearly show why. White teeth can make you 20% more attractive, give the perception you make more money than you might actually make, and increase your employment potential. Men, in particular, felt like white teeth give the appearance of wealth, success, and a more prestigious education. There is also the belief that whiter teeth actually gives the appearance of shaving a few years off your real age.

Teeth whitening is an increasingly popular cosmetic dentistry treatment. While you can opt for drugstore at-home kits, getting a professional teeth whitening performed is preferable. Not only are the treatments used more effective, but your dentist can go over some information with you including the root cause of your teeth discoloration and if it’ll respond positively to traditional teeth whitening treatments.

Why you should talk to your dentist

Your dentist can do so much more for you than giving you your regular teeth cleaning or performing a root canal when you’re in pain. Your dentist can have a far-reaching influence in various aspects of your life. That’s why if you’ve never considered it before, you should look into cosmetic dentistry. Not only will your perceptions about yourself change, but so too might the perceptions others have of you. While nothing is a cure all, you deserve to feel good about how you look. If you’re suffering from self-esteem issues because of the condition of your teeth, contact us today. The team at Dental Center of Redondo Beach is here to give you the friendly and professional treatment you deserve.