Please complete any of the two PROMO forms to receive your Great Offer for dental implants in Lawndale and dental implants Redondo beach. We also have a great offer for oral cancer screening, periodontal exam and full mouth x-ray.

Implant Placement !

Implant Placement Only

Dental Implants Lawndale / Dental Implants Redondo Beach / Dentist In Lawndale / Dentist Redondo Beach

ONLY $999

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    Exam Plus !

    $250 Value

    Exam / Periodontal Exam / Oral Cancer Screening / Prophylaxis /Full Mouth X-Ray

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      Dental Implants Lawndale

      The Dental Implants Redondo Beach Offer that can’t be beaten.

      Missing one or more teeth? Are most of your teeth decaying? Have you lost your smile due to teeth loss? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it’s high time to visit the Dental Center of Redondo Beach. Ignoring any of the symptoms can lead to diabetes, erectile dysfunction or even coronary artery disease. Shocked to know how a minor dental problem affects the whole body?

      The cure and solution are available! Dr. Alen Gharibian is trusted for top-class dental implants cosmetic dentistry, at Dental Center of Redondo Beach with over years of experience in dentistry at Lawndale. Once you fill in the form and submit you will receive the offer in which you can use when booking your next dental implant treatment with Dr. Alen Gharibian.

      Oral Cancer Screening Redondo Beach Dentist

      Periodontal Exam, Prophylaxis and Full Mouth X-Ray offer !!

      Oral cancer is not the subject usually discussed and there are very few campaigns or programs due to lack of awareness and facilities at Lawndale, Redondo Beach. At Redondo Dental Clinic, we highly recommend Oral cancer screening must be the first priority on your to-do list because that will cost you way less than the cost of ignorance.

      We’re aware of the fact that cancer, is critical to be detected in early stages. Even if something shows up, the effects are too minor to be felt. The reason being, lack of awareness of the clear symptoms of oral cancer. The offer above is the most affordable way to have an oral examination just by filling in the form for Exam Plus.